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Larry Paska
  • Oversee the management of MCPOM
  • Responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of MCPOM
  • Serve as the official representative of MCPOM
  • Convene the monthly board meetings
  • Prepare agenda for monthly Board meetings
Vice President
OPEN! Volunteer Wanted*
  • Assist the president in the management of MCPOM
  • Assume the responsibilities of the president in the absence or inability of the President to serve
Ana Rivas Chorro
  • Manage the finances of MCPOM
  • Responsible for all funds and securities
  • Prepare and maintain the annual budget
  • Present the budget to the board for approval
  • Ensure that proper financial records and procedures are maintained
  • Assist with fund distributions for the clothing and equipment sales
  • Deposit all monies and other valuable property of MCPOM in the appropriate bank
  • Prepare budget updates for presentation at each board meeting
  • Pick up Mail from the club PO Box once a month
Membership Vice President
Miriam Paska
  • Responsible for maintaining MCPOM's membership records on Wild Apricot
  • Oversee the enrollment of new members
  • Send new members welcome emails with overview of club activities and support functions
  • Work with New Member Social Coordinator to organize New Member events
Laura Kayton
  • Responsible for the keeping of an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Executive Board
  • Prepare minutes of the board meetings
  • Post draft minutes of each board meeting on Facebook Board Page as soon as possible following meeting
  • Oversee MCPOM correspondence and maintain copies of all club correspondence
  • Draft correspondence as requested by the Board
Program Director
OPEN! Volunteer Wanted*
  • Responsible for planning and attending the monthly seminars
  • Arrange for and coordinate with speakers
  • Inform and invite MCPOM members to meetings and events
  • Seek out new ideas for meeting topics and parents night out events
Sale Directors
Miriam Paska
Ana Rivas Chorro
  • Responsible for planning and execution of twice annual clothing and equipment sale
  • Secure location for sales and coordinator of MCPOM volunteer to work the sale
Carla Rae Withrow
  • Advise the Executive Board on correct parliamentary procedure in accordance with bylaws and operating procedures
  • Responsible for maintaining the MCPOM bylaws and suggesting amendments as necessary
Social Chairs
Kate Tomes
  • Plan, execute and publicize the four main MCPOM Social events: Halloween Party, Holiday Party, Winter Social, and Picnic
  • Secure location and amenities for each event
  • Inform and invite MCPOM members to events
  • Solicit additional assistance for set up and clean up of events from MCPOM members as appropriate
  • Spa Nights
  • Parents' Night Out
Social Media Coordinator
Liz McKinney de Burgos
  • The Social Media chair will maintain MCPOM's social media presence across all accounts by curating membership lists, scheduling posts, encouraging and moderating discussions, and, where appropriate, creating new groups at MCPOM members' request
Fundraising Coordinator
OPEN! Volunteer Wanted*
  • The fundraising coordinator organizes fundraising for the MCPOM organization
  • Coordinates sponsorships for the Bi-annual Consigment Sales
Committee Coordinator
Katie Byrd
  • Oversee and coordinate all of MCPOM support functions
  • Work with each of the coordinators responsible for the individual support functions (bedrest, NICU, etc.)
  • Serve as the overall coordinators of the sunshine club. Ensure that captains are connecting with members in need
  • Publicize availability of support programs to membership on Big Tent and at member events
Food Coordinator
Season Rumpff Taylor
  • Coordinate food for MCPOM events.

Coordinators & Committees


Bedrest Support Coordinator
Volunteer Wanted*
  • Coordinate and publicize the program that supports expectant moms on bedrest
  • Monitor the list of expectant moms to determine who is on bedrest
  • Maintain contact with those members actively on bedrest to determine their needs and how the club can support them
  • Identify members of the club that are willing to support work
Big Sis/Little Sis Coordinator
Volunteer Wanted*
  • Coordinate and publicize the program that matches experienced moms with members looking for big sisters
  • Regularly monitor the requests for big sister
  • Match those in need with experienced members that have something in common
Playgroup Coordinators   
Volunteer Wanted*
  • Assist members in the formation of playgroups based on shared ages, interests or geographic areas
  • Poll members with new multiples approximately every three months to start newborn playgroups
  • Follow up with playgroups to see if coordination assistance is needed
  • Help find hosts for playgroups
Parenting Group Coordinator
Miriam Paska

  • Organize hosts and schedule for Moms Night Out and Dads Night Out
Expectant Parent Event Coordinator
Katie Byrd
  • Plan and implement quarterly expectant mom’s teas for new MCPOM members
  • Find members willing to host event and experienced members willing to attend to share their experience
NICU Support
Volunteer Today*
  • Develop and implement a program to assist members whose children are in the NICU
  • Maintain list of members who are willing to talk to other members who have had children in various hospital NICUs
  • Reach out to NICU staff and March of Dimes liaisons at area hospitals so that when members are in need, an introduction can be made
Nursing Support Coordinators
Volunteer Today*
  • Coordinate and publicize support group meetings for nursing parents
  • Establish and maintain list of resources related to nursing, including list of members willing to talk to others about their experiences, lactation consultants and other professional resources, etc.
  • Establish additional support for parents who would like to, or who are currently, nursing, based upon need
Day in the Life Program
Volunteer Today*
  • Coordinate and publicize program to give expectant parents a look at what life is actually like with newborn multiples
  • Identify families willing to be shadowed and expectant moms desiring to participate
Fun Over Four
Volunteer Today*
  • Coordinate and publicize events for members with children over fours years of age
  • Suggest and implement ways to attain members with older multiples
Dads Night Out Coordinator
Larry Paska
  • Plan, publicize and implement Dads Night Out
March of Dimes Walk for Babies Coordinator
Volunteer Today*
  • Organize team for annual walk
  • Publicize team walk and fundraising efforts
  • Keep Club abreast of progress of team
Miriam Paska
  • Maintain the MCPOM website
  • Update the site as necessary in coordination with the Board
To volunteer, contact Katie Byrd.

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