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Member Login, Profile Updates & Renewal

July 17, 2018 1:08 PM | Miriam Paska (Administrator)

Hi MCPOM Members!

Welcome to the new MCPOM website! You may have heard that BigTent is closing at the end of the year. We'd weep, but you may have noticed it was a pretty big headache! Thankfully we were already in the process of combining our membership management and website into this location in Wild Apricot. This will now be your one-stop shop for all things MCPOM! (Except our awesome Facebook presence, of course!) 

Did you receive an email informing you of your membership on this site? 

If so, great! If not, no biggie. Feel free to log in (click the green person icon in the upper-right corner) and...

  • Review the tabs within Your Member Profile and update it for accuracy. 
  • Those with Family Memberships can also Renew Your Membership in that same area. All memberships expire August 31st!

We'll be adding content to the website over the next week to the site, so be sure to come back soon!

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